Here Is My Exclusive Indulge

Here Is My Exclusive Indulge

Otros nombres: Gei Ni Wo De Du Jia Chong Ni Gei Wo Ni De Du Jia Chong Ai 给你我的独家宠溺 給你我的獨家寵愛 給你我的獨家寵溺 重生相逢:给你我的独家宠溺


It tells the sweet romance between Fu Si Han, the domineering CEO with a disability, and Yun Xiang Xiang who gets a chance to restart her life and get back at her enemies. In her previous life, Yun Xiang Xiang and her mother lost everything after falling victim to the schemes of her father’s mistress and illegitimate daughter. Yun Xiang Xiang gets a second chance when she is reborn on the day that her mother was supposed to die. In order to change their tragic fate, she starts on the sweet road of revenge. This time around, she encounters Fu Si Han. Even though he has a disability and sits in a wheelchair, there is no hiding his imposing presence as a powerful executive. His appearance in her life has just made her journey a lot smoother.



Status: Ongoing


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