The Eclipse

The Eclipse

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The country’s leading all-boys school, Suppalo School, is strictly governed. Rumour has it that there is a curse that will punish students who act out, a curse that grows stronger as the solar eclipse nears. If there are rules, there will naturally be those who want to break them. A group of students calling themselves “The World Remembers” unite to challenge the school’s authority and demand their rights. Head student prefect Akk and his cohorts have the constant task of dissuading the rebel group. Then Ayan, a mysterious new student arrives. Akk has to keep an eye on Ayan, this boy whose behaviour is so odd and who regularly challenges the school’s norms. Ayan has enrolled in hopes of discovering the person who pushed his uncle Dika to suicide. His only evidence leading him to Suppalo School is in his uncle’s old notebook. He sees Akk is watching him, and he takes to toying with him.

Director: Director: Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit


Status: Ongoing


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